This Guy Has Turned His Amputated Leg Into A Lamp

    Leo Bonten is hoping a billionaire will want to buy it.

    It's a difficult and emotional thing to have to amputate a limb. One way of dealing with it is to turn it into a lamp.

    Leo Bonten lost his leg following an accident in 2012.

    According to CNN, the 53-year-old Dutchman broke his right leg while messing around in a children's pool with his cousin in Rotterdam. The injury then became so infected doctors decided to amputate the limb.

    In an interview with Ruptly video news agency, Bonten said he was selling his leg because he wanted a prosthetic replacement and the insurance payout was not going to be able to provide him with the limb he wanted.

    Boten said he was hoping an "eccentric billionaire" would buy his leg lamp.

    The lamp was originally listed on eBay, for sale for €100,000 (£78,000), but was later removed as the site does not allow human body parts to be sold.