Everyone Thinks This Fried Chicken Van's Logo Looks Like A Massive Penis

    A cock(erel) that looks like a penis. Who knew?

    This is fried chicken company Dirty Bird's logo. It is supposed to be a lowercase "d" and "b" pushed together to make a cockerel...

    Here’s the logo in question… Created for @eatdirtybird. It’s based on lowercase �’ linked to form the rooster…

    However, some people have pointed out it also looks a bit like a penis.

    And apparently some of the customers are less than impressed with the design.

    Abigail Griffiths is quoted by Metro as saying: "I was queueing up with my two young sons when I looked at the logo and realised what it represents.

    "It is not the sort of thing that should be on display around children."

    Of course, the more sceptical among us might suggest the controversial logo is just rather good publicity for the fast-food van...

    we've been talking dirty for way to long in less than 2 days we'll be filling your mouths full of thighs,breasts,legs

    Mark James, who designed the logo, told BuzzFeed he began working on it back in April.

    "We didn't really have a brief," he said, "just the name Dirty Bird to work with.

    "The name plays on the dirty fried chicken shops. The logo started with the lowercase 'db', then linked to form the rooster.

    "It wasn't intentionally designed to look like a 'cock' but if that's what people see, I think it's in their filthy minds..."

    Yup, it's just your filthy mind.