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Brave Mistreated Dog Now Looks Fantastic After Having Two Pounds Of Matted Fur Removed

This is Ellen's story.

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Staff from the Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago discovered this dog in an appalling condition at a shelter at the weekend.

Trio Animal Foundation in / Via Facebook: media

Sue Naiden, who founded the charitable organisation, said they couldn’t even work out which end the dog’s head was.

“Flies and gnats swarmed around the pup and what appeared to be the dog’s back legs dragged on the floor and left a watery trail … just like a snail," she said.

Trio Animal Foundation / Via Facebook: media

"As it turned out, the dog had two very petite legs hidden underneath all the knotted fur and the outer appendages were just matted fur and debris."

Kelli, a groomer from Mutt Hutt, agreed to try to help the tiny dog after it was rescued.

Trio Animal Foundation / Via Facebook: media

“Within the first ten minutes we found out that our matted pup was a girl,” Naiden revealed. "We have now named her Ellen."


“For the next hour and a half, I held Ellen while Kelli quickly worked to shave the heavy casing of fur away from her body," the Trio Animal Foundation founder said.

Trio Animal Foundation / Via Facebook: media

"Even though we had to pull out fur that had grown two inches down her ear canal and shave matted fur away from her irritated paper-thin skin, never once did Ellen growl or show her teeth.”

"When it came time to shave the matted fur that had tightly wrapped its way around Ellen’s raw legs like a snug boot, she actually looked up at me and started to give me kisses. I could have died."

"Even better, the first time she could feel the touch of my hand on her newly shaven back … she looked me in the eyes, and it was as if she was saying thank you. Her past abuse was literally being shaved away."