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    This Bed Was Turned Into A Huge Wasps’ Nest And Looks Horrific

    The wasps chewed through the mattress and pillows on the bed.

    A pest controller has spoken of his amazement at being called out to deal with a huge wasps’ nest discovered on a woman’s spare bed.

    Longwood Services Pest Control

    John Birkett, who works for Longwood Services Pest Control, was called to St Cross, Winchester, on Sunday to deal with a 3ft x 2.5ft nest thought to hold around 5,000 wasps.

    The Hampshire Chronicle reported that the woman had not been into the room for three months, and the window had been left open.

    Birkett is quoted as saying: “In 45 years I have never seen anything like it."

    “I opened the door and I just couldn’t bloody believe it. It was the most incredible thing I've seen."


    “I got dressed up like a spaceman and tried to destroy as many as I could with the workers flying around the room," he said, according to the newspaper.

    It apparently took the pest controller two hours to remove the nest, a task that was made even more difficult when it broke in half, releasing 2,000 wasps into the room.

    "I was covered in them," he said. "The room was completely full of wasps.”

    The creatures had reportedly chewed through the mattress and pillows on the bed to make their nest bigger.

    However, Birkett managed to rescue a handmade blanket on the bed for the woman, who has decided to remain anonymous.


    Despite completing the difficult operation, he was a bit sad at having to kill so many insects.

    "It was a work of art and they had worked so hard, but she looked at it and said 'no, no, no – you've got to get rid of it'," the Guardian quotes him as saying.

    "If they did that in three-and-a-half months, that's amazing, isn't it? They're just little things.”

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