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    A 95-Year-Old Dentist Just Set A Track World Record

    Dr Charles Eugster said on Facebook he was "over the moon" at breaking the record.

    A 95-year-old dentist has smashed a world record over 200 metres.

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    Dr Charles Eugster set the new record at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in northeast London at the weekend.

    Eugster knocked 2.4 seconds off the previous record in the over-95 years old category with a time of 55.48 seconds.

    A message from the Silver Grey Sports Club said Eugster had also broken the British record for 60 metres indoors the day before.

    Last year he also set new age-group records for 100 metres and 200 metres outdoors.

    Eugster wrote on Facebook on Sunday:

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    The Evening Standard reported that Eugster took up exercise around 10 years ago because his body was “deteriorating”.

    A couple of years ago, the 95-year-old also took up bodybuilding and rowing.

    The Silver Grey Sports Club said he will now compete in the European Indoor Masters Athletics Championships and the World Masters Athletics Championship later this year.

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