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18 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

This changes everything.

1. Playing Monopoly.

2. Eating chocolate digestives.

3. Eating chicken wings.

4. Cutting cake.


5. Taking your t-shirt off.

6. Eating Tic Tacs.

7. Peeling a mango.

8. Peeling a banana.

Break it at the other end to prevent it splitting and turning into mush as you try and open it.

9. Eating Toblerone.

Just snap it backwards in one easy motion.

10. Queuing.

11. Storing your t-shirts.

12. Using cookbooks.

13. Taking your phone to the beach.

14. Buying razor blades.

15. Cutting tomatoes.

Place them between two plates and slice through the gap using a sharp knife to avoid making a mess.

16. Storing keys.

17. Boiling eggs.

18. Cycling in a skirt.

Use an elastic band and a penny to keep your skirt in place.