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    22 Things That Will Stay With Every Durham Graduate Forever

    "Did you know Klute was voted the second worst nightclub in Europe?"

    1. Durham is hands down the most beautiful city in the country, probably the world.

    2. So much time was spent in this building that when people ask you what your student accommodation was like you daydream back to the months spent here.

    3. Rowing isn’t as rubbish as it looks, it’s actually pretty cool.

    4. Cathedrals are the best.

    5. Castles are pretty great too.

    6. At the time you thought this "club" was the greatest, then you left and thought it was the worst and now you look back with only fondness.

    7. You always think of the "cold room" in Klute as being something like this...

    8. When actually it's like this.

    9. It's perfectly acceptable to dance to the Baywatch theme tune even when the lights have come up and there’s no one else left on the dance floor.

    10. The same applies for "Never Forget".

    11. It was always known as Rixies...

    12. It is far too easy to get drunk in here.

    13. This boat makes no sense in the daylight.

    14. The cold weather is not a problem.

    15. However, the "Durham wind" is a complete bastard.

    16. Posh people all dress like their parents.

    17. Formals are like feasts from Harry Potter.

    18. College day is the best day of the year.

    19. This is the compulsory uniform and you will hold onto it forever.

    20. Everyone reckons they hate Hatfield college...

    21. But no one has any idea why.

    22. Because it's impossible to really hate anything about a uni based in a city this great*.