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21 Things Nala The Cat Does On Instagram That Normal People Couldn't

Kim Kardashian may think she's the star of social media, but 1.3 million followers can't be wrong.

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Nala the four-year-old Siamese/Tabby mix is a superstar on Instagram.

The cat, who was adopted from a shelter at the end of 2010 by new owner Varisiri Mathachittiphan, has amassed over 1.3 million followers on the site.

Nala is such a star because she does things most of us could never dream of. Such as...

2. Perfecting the art of sitting in a box.

3. And lying on top of one.

4. Nailing the perfect bow tie.

5. Giving the right amount of disdain to your "cake" at your fourth birthday party.

6. This bitchy resting face.

7. And this one when driving.

8. Dressing like a "summer flower".

10. Hiding in the flowerbed.

12. Having personalised swag.

13. Including t-shirts with your face on them.

14. Just chilling the fuck out.

15. Thinking you're a deadly shark.

16. But not being a big fan of water.

17. Claiming ownership of the laundry basket.

18. And the laptop keyboard.

19. Have the best WTF reaction face ever.

20. Looking super sharp around your friends.

21. And most importantly always looking adorable when asking for a hug.

For more on Nala's story go to her website.