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    21 Things A Guy Quickly Learns After Moving In With His Girlfriend For The First Time

    Match of the Day may as well be a cartoon from the 1980s, it's been that long since you saw it.

    1. Sleeping is still very important, but you no longer get to decide when you wake up.

    2. Entire days can be organised around meal times.

    3. You will not leave Ikea without the single greatest argument of your relationship so far.

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    4. You have to finally start acting like a civilised member of society.

    5. You start collecting bottles of wine.

    But for some reason they don't last too long in your flat.

    6. The bathroom is the only place you'll find real privacy.

    7. There is no hiding the fact that you're both a lot more odd than you first realised.

    8. But on the plus side, you get to tell someone your insanely boring work anecdote, and they have to listen and be interested.

    9. You start trying things you’ve never done before…

    Like yoga.

    10. And bike rides.

    11. And starting to eat healthily.

    Apparently frozen pizzas and mountains of cake are no longer an option.

    12. You start to dress much better.

    This won't do.

    13. You actually have to organise your own bills.

    "Ohh someone else used to organise this stuff."

    14. You actually quite enjoy cleaning.

    15. You're definitely the funniest double act there has ever been.

    16. You start looking at your friends' furnishings with intense smugness/uncontrollable envy.

    17. If you do the washing unprompted you think you've done a massive favour.

    If you're asked to do it, you sulk all day.

    18. Netflix becomes your adopted third housemate.

    19. You start thinking you need a pet to be truly happy.

    20. And you no longer have any idea what to do when left on your own.

    21. Because basically, you're just the best team. Ever.

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