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    This is The Coolest Goddamn Owl You Will See Today

    Intense owl stare.

    Look at this northern hawk owl.

    Jani Yikangas / CATERS

    Here it is again.

    Jani Yikangas / CATERS

    In mid-flight.

    Jani Yikangas / CATERS

    And here it is staring straight at the camera as it glides by like it's no big deal.

    Jani Yikangas / CATERS

    The picture was taken by photographer Jani Yikangas in the Finnish town of Kokkola last month.

    "It's the official torpedo owl!" he told the Caters news agency.

    "The famous northern hawk owl from Finland is known for its menacing attitude and lack of respect for gravity."

    Magnificent. (And a little scary).

    Jani Yikangas / CATERS

    It's also been pointed out that it looks rather a lot like something out of Angry Birds.

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