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    These Clubbers Were So Desperate To Keep Partying They Turned A Curry House Into A Rave

    James Hollingworth captured the impromptu dance party on film on Tuesday morning. It has now been watched thousands of times on Facebook.

    DJ James Hollingworth had just finished a set at the Havana club in Wakefield when he came across this scene in a local takeaway in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

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    Hollingworth was meeting friends who had gone to Shalamar Tandoori when he saw the impromptu rave and decided to film it.

    He told the Yorkshire Standard that as he approached the takeaway venue all he could hear was chanting and loud music.

    "Baring in mind it’s 6am on a Tuesday morning I said 'who is still open at this time?' only to see a small rave going off at the takeaway down the street," he told the online newspaper.

    “At this point I got my phone out and started filming. Absolutely gutted my phone ran out of memory and stopped filming just as it got to the drop in the song and everyone was going nuts."

    During his video, Hollingworth turns the camera on himself and asks: "What is happening?!"

    He later uploaded the clip to Facebook, where it has received over 170,000 views and around 2,000 shares, and then YouTube.

    The DJ told Yorkshire Standard he thought the majority of the people at the takeaway were from Huddersfield and had been at Havana when he'd played his set earlier.

    "They had all just left the club and the takeaway normally plays music like that, but everyone must have still been in the mood to party so just kept on raving," he added.

    The impromtu rave followed the last-ever student night at Havana club on Monday.

    The clip shows staff and customers dancing away to the music, with a number of the male ravers taking their tops off so they can fully enjoy the experience.

    Including this guy who stars towards the end of the video.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Hollingworth and the staff at Shalamar Tandoori for a comment and more information on their 6am party.!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s7hogfX6BTgOgE4bNDc1A5g!2e0!6m1!1e1

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