These “Bad Prequels” Posters Look Better Than The Real Films

The day @BiscuitAhoy won Twitter.

1. Twitter has been amusing itself with the worst imaginary prequels to well-known films.

2. #BadPrequels has been one of the top trending terms around the world, with some fine efforts.

3. Some creative cross-genre entries.

4. The odd Shakespeare reference.

5. There were some nice festive references as well.

6. And some impressive artwork.

Way To Blue / Via Twitter: @WaytoblueUK

7. Ikea got mentioned more times than you would have expected.

Fight Club: The IKEA Years #BadPrequels

— Rhys Muldoon (@rhysam)

The lion, the witch and the ikea flat pack #BadPrequels

— Phil Thompson (@Phil_Thompson7)

9. Some efforts were a little too obvious though.

I Have No Idea What You Did Last Spring @midnight #BadPrequels

— Ken Simon (@KenSimonSays)

“There’s Nothing About Mary” #badprequels

— Anthony Ramirez (@hildyjohns)

Dude, I Know Exactly Where We Parked #BadPrequels @midnight

— Adam Rank (@adamrank)

12. And it became apparent there was one clear winner in the “Bad Prequels” game – @BiscuitAhoy.

13. Lisa created wonderful posters for the imaginary prequels.

14. Ranging from films in the 1970s…

15. To modern-day “classics”.


#Badprequels first began trending on Tuesday evening when it was used on Comedy Central’s @midnight game show.

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