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These Awesome Parents Made Their Son A Transforming Optimus Prime Cake

Move over, ​Colin the Caterpillar.

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Russell and Belinda Munro created a quite remarkable cake for their 6-year-old son Ewan’s birthday. Check it out:

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The couple from Perth, Australia, shared a video of Ewan blowing out his candles before watching the Optimus Prime cake transform.

Russell revealed on Google+ that the cake had a 3D-printed skeleton. He said a motor wound in steel fishing wire attached to the "skeleton" to pull the Transformer into a standing position.

Another motor was used to lift Optimus Prime's head and arms into place.

He said it had taken him a couple of months modifying the mechanics to make sure it worked properly.

Here's Optimus without his cake covering:

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Russell said the cake was a team effort, with Belinda baking and icing the spectacular creation.

Writing on Google+, he said he had no plans to sell the cake and the design was "awfully fiddly and frustrating with heaps of small screws". However, he was considering making it an open-source project to see what other people could perhaps do.

Russell also told BuzzFeed he was currently writing a blog post about the cake which may provide a few more details about his ingenious creation.