There Were Epic Thunderstorms Across The UK Last Night And Everyone Lost Their Minds

“What was THAT???”

1. Parts of the UK experienced incredible thunder and lightning in the early hours of Friday morning.

Justin Stokes / Via Twitter: @justinstokes_

2. There were apparently more than 3,000 lightning flashes in just two hours.

3. And the results were incredible.

And here folks is why we are currently on the ground!! #SummerStorm

— MPS Helicopters (@MPSinthesky)

Here's another pic of the lightning storm overhead as it moves N.E toward Essex and East Anglia...

— MPS Helicopters (@MPSinthesky)

#brighton #storm #lightning #sussex going to try get back to sleep now...

— Alex Lawrence (@The_Whitewall)

10. Some people were pretty scared by it all.

Could've got some awesome photos of #thunderandlightning last night...if I hadn't been hiding in the hallway after it struck near our house!

— Jennifer Porrett (@fenifur)

Just got woken by the LOUDEST thunder storm I have ever heard! Scared the living daylights out of me! #thunderandlightning #london

— Annabel Preacher (@annabelpreacher)

Got a full bed... 1st the dog now 2 children. Sorry no room at the inn #thunderandlightning

— Nicky kelly pike (@miss_nicky1)

Home alone and slightly pooping my pants! #thunderandlightning ⚡️⚡️⚡️

— Mikey Barrett (@mikeybarrett_)

#thunderandlightning here! Absolutely amazing and scary. Really scary on your own actually... ⚡️☔️⚡️

— Louise (@Tokyo_Louise)

Think this is the one time that's acceptable for spooning. #thunderandlightning #

— Čhloē Dickēns (@dickens_chloe)

16. Some woke up very tired as a result.

I am SO tired. Spent all night comforting my freaked out dog who was hyperventilating #storm

— Lily Pebbles (@lilypebbles)

17. And didn’t want to go to work.

Is "I have to stay in bed because if I get up I'll be hit by lightening" a valid excuse not to go to work? #storm #London

— AliQuack (@AliQuack)

I feel today is going to be very unproductive for a lot of people and companies. Let's all have a day off! #tired #storm

— Corrina (@reaniecat)

19. Amazingly, some people managed to sleep through the whole thing.

Slept like a baby last night, didn't hear a thing #storm ⚡️⚡️⚡️☔️

— Alex Hyde (@alexhyde23)

Am I the only one who slept through the thunder?

— Da Big Dog (@JamesThurgar)

Apparently I slept through huge thunder and lightning storms in #Cheltenham then. According to my timeline it was very impressive. Oh.

— ℒuke ☯ (@lkwrnr)

Totally slept through the thunder and lightning last night

— Amy Lau (@yumm3i)

Slept through the #thunderandlightning and its set to be a hot one today. Stay hydrated if you can :)

— Sanoobar Patel (@Sanoobar)

24. But mainly we all did what we always do when something incredible happens, we made jokes on Twitter:

I think we now know what the Odinson thinks of Marvel’s plans for #Thor #thunderandlightning

— Steve May (@SteveMay_UK)

British weather is directly linked to Kanye's mood. He's pissed right now. #Storm

— Cynikal (@CynikalMusic)

British weather is directly linked to Kanye's mood. He's pissed right now. #Storm

— Cynikal (@CynikalMusic)

What an idiot! There I was trying to get to sleep when I should have been watching the #thunderandlightning like everyone else on Twitter!

— Donald H Taylor (@DonaldHTaylor)

Well, twitter is an enabler for us Brits to talk about our favourite thing even when most people are sleeping. The weather. #storm

— from desk till dawn (@fromdesktildawn)

Not going to lie amazing views from my bed right now! Need some pop corn! This is amazing! #thunderandlightning

— Matthew Lapinskas (@mattylapinskas)

Taken outside my window at 5am

— Tom Armstrong (@tomdisco)

Somewhere right now is a dude called Noah and he's building a massive wooden boat. How must he feel. #thunderandlightning

— Nesta (@NestaMcG)

Shouldn't have left my washing outside tonight then.. #thunderandlightning

— Jade. (@JadeusJames)

This #thunderandlightning has made me think... is this the real life? is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide no escape from reality

— Tropical Lizard (@TayoAndrews)

Either Harry Potter Is Having Another Fight Scene In The Sky Or Thor Is Coming Down ⚡️⚡️ #thunder #thunderandlightning

— Ash Minter (@AshMinter)

#Storm tweeters: It’s lightning not lightening, unless you’ve seen weather so fierce it actually removed colour from objects.

— Chris Cox (@coxness)

Mad scenes outside my window this morning #thunderandlightning

— Felicity Morse (@FelicityMorse)

37. Well done, everyone.

Beat this #thunderandlightning

— Tom Thorp (@Tom_Thorp)

Got some great shots of the lighting storm hitting london Pretty sure it made something explode #thunderandlightning

— James Collins-C (@JamesCollinsC)

#Storm in #Brighton overnight

— Greg (@gregstorm17)

Insane lightning #storm over #Brighton Marina

— Alex May (@bigfug)

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