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    21 Stages Everyone Goes Through At Supermarket Checkouts

    You may have finished your shopping, but the nightmare has only just begun...

    1. The almost paralysing indecision you experience when trying to choose which aisle to use.

    Kevin Lamarque / Reuters / Reuters

    2. The start of your irrational hatred and anger is aimed at the idiot trying to take their trolley to the basket-only aisle.

    pin add / Via Flickr: pinadd

    3. You immediately become impatient at the speed of your queue.

    Warner Bros.

    4. But find brief relief when you spy all the stuff the lovely supermarket staff have put near the checkouts.

    Universal Pictures

    5. It's not long though before you go back to being obsessed with getting your groceries on the conveyor belt as quickly as possible.

    6. At some point you consider binning the whole idea, dropping your shopping in the middle of the store and going to sit down in a dark room.

    7. All you want to do is reach the promised land.

    8. You start thinking horrible, violent thoughts about the people in front of you taking too long to pack their bags.

    Warner Bros.

    9. And the fucking twats who insist on talking on their phones while at the checkout. IT'S TAKING YOU TWICE AS LONG AS IT SHOULD!

    BBC / Via

    10. People trying to use the exact change and money-off vouchers are also your sworn enemies.

    Columbia Pictures

    11. And then something truly horrific happens, you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten a part of your shopping and can't decide whether to leave the queue to get it.


    12. You decide to leave it and then... utter joy, you reach the start of the conveyor belt.

    alisdair / Via Flickr: alisdair

    13. You immediately get suspicious when the checkout assistant is friendly.

    BBC / Via

    14. Or irrationally pissed off when they are grumpy. RUDE!

    15. Then comes the worst part of the whole experience – trying to open the carrier bags.

    Walmart / Via Flickr: walmartcorporate

    16. You can't open them, everyone is watching, you have become your own worst enemy, everything is bad.

    Warner Bros.

    17. You get oversensitive at the horrible mean people judging you for being so slow.

    BBC / Via

    18. But then – "I OPENED A BAG!"

    Sky Sports / Via

    19. The real fun finally begins as you race to pack your bags in the fastest time ever.

    20. And after you've paid you quickly make your way to the exit to celebrate your freedom.

    Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

    21. But you will always be haunted by the horror that is the supermarket checkout.

    Nate Grigg / Via Flickr: nateone

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