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    Spider Tries To Join Selfie, Panic Ensues

    Three is definitely a crowd.

    Everyone loves a good selfie these days and this friendly spider thought it would try and get involved in the fun.

    However its discreet photobombing didn't go unnoticed for long.

    Wait for it...

    Wait for it...


    Some of those in the selfie seemed pretty unbothered by the screaming.

    Until they realised what was going on.

    Oh the horror!!! Photobombing was so 2010.

    The spider seemed pretty unmoved by all the noise.

    Leading some to speculate the picture series might be fake.

    It's kind of impossible to tell. What is obvious is no-one ever likes a selfie being interrupted.

    The pictures originate from the s0lving secrets blog and also feature this Tumblr user.

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