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    Rats The Size Of Cats Spotted In Birmingham

    The city is “overrun” with rodents.

    Birmingham is reportedly battling a growing rodent problem, with more than 5,100 rat alerts recorded in the city last year.


    According to the Birmingham Mail, rats the size of cats have been spotted “prowling” the streets.

    The newspaper quotes pest control officer Colin Watts as saying, “One of the biggest I’ve seen must have been 14 or 15 inches long,” he said.

    “That was just the body, without the tail.

    “With its tail it would have been over 2 feet. It was like a small cat.”


    The number of calls to the council over rats in homes allegedly rose by almost 300 last year.

    Watts said the rodents he had found were unbelievably heavy and worryingly were “getting bigger”.

    A Birmingham City Council spokesman told BuzzFeed a statement was not being released in response to the newspaper allegations and could not confirm where the figures came from.

    Last week, images of a 15-inch rat caught in a Swedish family's kitchen went viral.

    The rodent apparently tried to attack the family cat and managed to chew through a concrete wall.