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Rare Tiger Cubs Born At London Zoo

One of the cubs has been nicknamed "Trouble".

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Three of the world’s rarest tigers have been born at London Zoo.

AP Photo/Zoological Society of London

The as-yet unsexed triplets were born to Sumatran tigress Melati.

The cubs were born on February 3 2014 after a 106-day pregnancy.

Keepers monitored the birth using remote camera technology.

AP Photo/Zoological Society of London

Zookeeper Teague Stubbington said: “We couldn’t be more delighted with our new arrivals, and with how Melati is responding to her three cubs.

“We’ve been observing them 24/7, and one of us is always on duty to keep an eye on the little ones throughout the night. We’ve even been able to observe key milestones like their eyes opening and their tentative first steps.

“While we still don’t know whether they’re boys or girls, we’re starting to see their personalities develop. We’ve nicknamed one Trouble, as it’s much bolder than the others – it was the first to start exploring its den and we’ve spotted it waking up its siblings when they fall asleep!”

There are only thought to be around 300 Sumatran tigers in the wild.

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