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    Prince Harry Is Looking For Someone To Share Royal Life With And Wants Kids "Right Now"

    The 30-year-old said also that Princess Charlotte needs to work on her timekeeping.

    Prince Harry has told Sky News that he would love to have children “right now” and that it would be great to have someone by his side to help with the pressures of royal life.

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    In an interview on Monday, the fifth in line to the throne talked about his new niece, Princess Charlotte, and the prospect of settling down.

    He said:

    There come times when you think, now's the time to settle down, or now's not or whatever way it is.

    I don't think you can force these things, it'll happen when it's going to happen – of course I'd love to have kids right now but, you know, there's a process that one has to go through and tours like this is great fun.

    Hopefully I'm doing alright by myself, it would be great to have someone next to me to share the pressure – time will come, whatever happens will happen.

    The prince is currently visiting New Zealand following a four-week attachment to the Australian Defence Force.

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    The trip saw Harry miss the birth of Princess Charlotte, but he said he was excited to meet her for the first time when he returns to the UK.

    "As I’ve said, I’m so looking forward to seeing her, meeting her, holding her – she was a little bit late hence I missed her, so she’ll have to work on that," he joked to Sky News.

    "It’s fantastic news for both [the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge] of them so I’m thrilled."

    Harry also revealed that his brother sent him two pictures of Charlotte shortly after she was born: one in the hospital, "before everyone else – which was nice", and one when the baby princess was back home and meeting her brother, Prince George, for the first time.

    Harry also discussed his decision to leave the army next month to focus on his royal duties.

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    The 30-year-old said that having to go on trips such as the one he is currently on while leaving someone else to look after his soldiers didn't sit right with him.

    After 10 years in the services he's at a crossroads, he said, and having taken on more royal responsibilities, it was getting hard to balance the two.

    He said he wants to pursue another career when he leaves the forces and that he and his brother are keen to continue working normal jobs.

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    "This part of the role [the royal visits] is fantastic," he said, "but I, and William as well, feel like we need to have a wage as well, to work within normal people – to keep us sane, to keep us ticking along and surely in the future, from our point of view – if we want to make a big contribution, a valid contribution, and [be] taken seriously, then we need to work alongside other people."

    The prince's visit to New Zealand will continue until Saturday, when he will return to the UK.

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