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Police Respond To 999 Call By Heavy Breather, Turns Out To Be A Dog

"I actually think he has aspirations to be in uniform himself."

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Police officers who responded to an emergency call made by a heavy breather in Buckinghamshire made a rather surprising discovery when they arrived at the scene.

South Bed News Agency

Upon reaching the address in Edlesborough, Thames Valley Police realised the 999 call had been made by a dog.

Mary Amos-Cole's two-year-old Belgian Malinois, Leighton, stole her phone and managed to ring the police from her garden.

"Thames Valley Police arrived and said they'd heard heavy breathing and didn't know what our emergency was," Amos-Cole said.

"He's a very naughty dog but luckily we all took it as a bit of a joke."

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said a "silent 999 call" was made 10 April at 12:08 p.m.

South Bed News Agency

"At 12:57 it was confirmed by the occupant at the address that their dog had accidentally called 999," they added.

Leighton has been in trouble with the police before after setting off his owner's burglar alarm on a number of occasions.

"He does seem to quite like the police. He's been in trouble a few times and seems to quite like them coming round. I actually think he has aspirations to be in uniform himself," Amos-Cole added.