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    People Are Mistaking This Two-Legged Puppy For A Kangaroo

    Meet Roo, the 5-month-old puppy who hops everywhere she goes.

    This young dog is causing quite the stir in Morpeth, Northumberland, due to its unique method of getting around.

    Safe Rescue For Dogs / Via Facebook: Safe-rescue-dogs-needing-homes

    Roo is thought to have been born with a front leg missing and lost the other one soon after birth, possibly after having it chewed off by another dog, the British animal charity which rescued the puppy from Romania said.

    The puppy was rescued by Safe Rescue for Dogs when she was 16 weeks old, and despite her ordeal was full of energy and continually jumping around on her hind legs.

    Safe Rescue For Dogs / Via Facebook: Safe-rescue-dogs-needing-homes

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    Nikki Dick, who adopted Roo last December, said:

    Roo doesn't know any different to hopping on her two back legs but she still laps up all the fuss from people who always stop and do a double take when they see her because they think she is a kangaroo.

    At first glance she really does look like a kangaroo and even stands up on her back legs and hops along too.

    She's perfectly happy and pain free and vets are very happy with her progress.

    We've fallen in love with her, how could you not? She's such a little star.

    Nikki and her husband, Ian, who own six other rescue dogs, take Roo for weekly physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions to help ease the strain on her back due to her unique stance, Safe Rescue for Dogs revealed.

    Safe Rescue For Dogs / Via Facebook: Safe-rescue-dogs-needing-homes

    Nikki added: “She [Roo] is right at home with the other dogs and acts like any other cheeky little puppy who just happens to have two legs and look like a kangaroo.”

    If the family goes on longer walks though, they bring a puppy carrier to give Roo a rest when she needs it, Nikki said.

    “Despite what she has been through she is full of personality and so loving and we feel very lucky to have her," the 50-year-old nurse declared. "She might look like a kangaroo but to us she is just our little puppy Roo."

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