British Poet Stays True To His Word And Agrees To Buy All His Twitter Followers A Drink


1. First things first, hit play for some musical accompaniment while reading this:

2. So, in April 2013, poet/rapper Scroobius Pip posted this on Twitter.

3. And you’ll never guess what, it only went and happened…

(His Twitter cover picture is now kind of perfect.)

5. On Thursday he posted this on his Facebook page:

This tweet was in April 2013.
Well look what’s gone and happened…
Thanks for all the love!
I’m out of the country right now but, when I’m back I will stay true to my word and arrange a night where I will go to a specific pub (probably London) and buy one drink for however many of you turn up.
In fact, if you own or work in a pub that might be a good location for this then hit me up.
Feel free to give me a nice guy discount…

6. Yah!!! FREE DRINKS!

New Line Cinema

*quickly starts following Scroobius Pip*

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