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Motorist Gives Incredible Excuse For Driving Too Close To A Cyclist

As apologies go, it’s pretty great.

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Footage has appeared on LiveLeak of a cyclist chasing after a motorist to complain about almost being hit on a busy street.

In the video, the cyclist eventually catches up with the male driver and taps on his window to make his point.

It’s at this point that things take a turn for the bizarre.


Having lowered his window to speak, the motorist announces: “Sorry, I’ve got a parrot dying on me”, showing off the bird stuffed down his coat.

Rather brilliantly, the cyclist simply replies: “Hope it’s alright.”


According to the Liverpool Echo, the incident is thought to have occurred in Mackets Lane, in Liverpool.

It remains unknown when it actually occurred, with the timestamp on the video footage appearing to be incorrect.