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"Modern Family" Editor Live-Tweets Every Passenger's Worst Nightmare

Introducing Nadia, the "worst person in the world". Ryan Case told BuzzFeed News the woman was escorted away by police.

Modern Family editor Ryan Case live-tweeted her flight on Sunday evening after claiming to have found herself sitting behind a quite belligerent passenger.

Here is the alleged saga in full. Strap in for a ride:

Sitting behind the worst person in the world.

She was watching Hawaii 5.0 so loudly in her earphones that her seat mate asked her to turn it down. Worst move he ever made.

She apologized in the loudest, drunkest voice ever "SORRY ITS MY 1ST TIME NOT IN 1ST CLASS" & hasn't stopped talking since.

While others around her seem to be OK, Case struggles to cope with her fellow passenger's behaviour.

I want to use mind control to make the flight attendant put tranquilizers in the double rum & coke she just ordered.

The tweets come thick and fast as Case updates her followers on the woman's alleged celebrity status and apparent "racist" comments.

She keeps saying "I know David Guetta" in a prideful way.

I'm tweeting this so one of you will fund my defense team at my eventual murder trial.

You guys, she goes to Vegas all the time and her table is always next to the DJ.

After saying "MY ARAB FRIENDS" so many times she slurred "is that SO racist?" then kept on saying it

Why, universe, why?!

She missed her intended flight and ended up here. She has a window seat and I'm in a middle. The universe has wronged me.

She invited herself on her seat mate's Vegas trip.

It baffles her that her seat mate doesn't drink. She's GRILLING him about it and sloshing her drink at him and I think trying to bone him

"I feel like in Dubai every car I sat in is a Range Rover." - this girl

She said "I have a very racist view of all Middle East." She's talking to a middle Eastern man, also mocking his accent.

After awkward silence following a particularly racist comment miraculously came, "anyways am I talking your ear off?" & trying to bone again

Case documents as the passenger invades everyone's personal space.

She keeps trying to take his photo & claims he looks just like her friend who's GORGEOUS.

97th time she's asked "YOU DONT DRINK DO YOU?!"

I refuse to believe this girl has any friends.

And acts totally inappropriately.

She's throwing business cards at him.

She thought she lost her shoes then whooped loudly when she found them as if they weren't 6 inches in front of her.

Finally, there's RELIEF when our antagonist heads to the bathroom.

She just went to the bathroom. My greatest hope is she passes out in there for the duration of the flight.

I forgot the joy of silence there for a while.

I can hear her trying to beg the flight attendant in back for something, undoubtedly world peace. I'm kidding it's vodka.

Fantasizing about the part in the movie Airplane! where passengers lined up with weapons. She's back.

She just returned with beer and made her seat mates listen to a toast. She calls them "buddy" now.

Short-term memory does not appear to be one of this woman's strengths.

During her time in the bathroom, she forgot if her seat mate drinks or not. Again.

She asked if he's ever been to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

And she threatens her fellow passengers with spending more time with her.

She said to him "ill take you. We can never be together but we'll be good friends." He has to be distraught.

Her Hawaii 5.0 is back on. May it lull her into the deepest sleep a train wreck has ever known.

Now she's cackling and clapping at The Mysteries of Laura.

The horror!

She's taken control of her seat mate's TV and is making him watch The Mysteries of Laura.

She's listing all the things she wouldn't be allowed to do in her seat mate's country. She should go there if the list includes speaking.

She is taking 20 minutes to pay for her new drink. The flight attendant may rob me of the joy of this murder.

She's pointing stuff out to seat mate on the interactive map. "The only thing good here is Vegas."

Then, there's a bit of a romantic twist. Maybe this saga will have a happy ending after all...

You guys she just slipped up and revealed she's been married before and is freaking out now in the aftermath.

She just kissed his neck twice. Look out.

Or maybe not...

The guy in front of her just shouted at her. He's a true hero.

The couple in front of her are shouting at her. She's slurring "what is first class? I've never been on it."

She called this guy's wife classless and "to shut the F up"

She called his wife a bitch. I don't think I'll have to kill her.

"This is what the F happens when you don't fly first class." she shrieked.

And then finally someone in charge decides to do something about it.

The flight attendant is confronting her abt several complaints made about her and says if she has another incident she's calling authorities

She's been asked to stop speaking

Her response was "they're not on my level anyway"

Then she muttered "bitch" and it's getting very real

She just got yelled at so publicly.

Here's a possible quip for her Twitter bio: "Like a toddler but not cute."

She's incapable of being quiet, like a toddler but not cute.

She's confronting the people in front of her again with many "shut the F ups". I can't wait to see her in cuffs.

And then it all gets properly serious.

"I'm not allowed to talk any more." she talked.

We then finally learn the name of the poor gentleman who has endured such hellish attention.

I'm starting to think Abdul won't marry her!

We land soon and I hope I can get a pic of her in cuffs to end this saga.

I think she's passed out on Abdul.

And we learn the woman's name. Introducing Nadia, the "worst person in the world".

We've landed. She confirmed with Abdul that he has her digits. Don't hold your breath, Nadia. Her name is Nadia.

She's trying to use her phone but she's so wasted she doesn't realize the flashlight is on.

God only knows what she's texting her "friends"


The amount of empty Titos vodka bottles under her seat was CHILLING.


Abdul sits at baggage claim, naked and afraid, looking over his shoulder constantly. LOL

I saw her kiss you, bro. To be fair though he RAN ASAP.

Not to be too Nadia about this, but I wish Abdul could have a stiff drink right about now.

If you think I had it bad, Nadia claims she flies to Dubai frequently.

Case insisted to BuzzFeed News that her tweets were genuine, stating: "[I have] no idea how I’d make her up."

She said Abdul, the man who sat next to Nadia, played along with her behaviour until she got in trouble and passed out.

The TV editor said the couple in front of the woman confronted her after she spilled a drink on them and a shouting match ensued, with the woman in particular going after the wife, who Case described as "a nice Aussie woman".

Case said police pulled up while the plane was arriving at the gate and escorted Nadia off.

American Airlines has not responded to multiple requests from BuzzFeed News for comment.