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    13 Of The Best Moments From Mark Kermode's Rant About "Entourage"

    It's fair to say he's not a fan.

    BBC 5 Live's film critic Mark Kermode delivered one of his greatest-ever rants while reviewing Entourage.

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    Below are 13 of the most passionate quotes from his scathing review.


    BBC 5 Live / Via

    2. "I would cross the road not to be in the same street as these people."


    Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection/REX

    4. "This is absolutely the most loathsome, consumerist, male dream."

    5. "You keep thinking, 'When’s the joke?' When does the joke come about how actually none of that is funny?"


    BBC 5 Live


    BBC 5 Live

    8. "I'm sitting there in the middle of this thing, which is just like this pornographic, consumerist, hate-filled propaganda."

    "Which is just saying to everyone, 'This is what you should aspire to, this level of moral torpor, this level of utter vacuity, this just foul, soul-sucking, horrible vacuum of vile emptiness is what you should aspire to – and then you wait for the bubble to be burst and it isn't!"

    9. "It is a film which not only has nothing other than the syrupy corpulent, foul display of… I mean, the amount of shots of cars and bumpers and cars and bumpers and yachts and cars and bumpers."


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    11. "They [the characters] are all vile. I don't believe in any of them."

    "I don't believe in the lie the film is attempting to sell me about 'this is what we should aspire to' and more importantly, I don't think it's a comedy, I think what it is, a piece of propaganda."

    12. "This just goes, 'Hey, Hollywood lifestyle, it's all vacuous and it's about money and it's about sexism and isn't that great?'"

    "These guys are loathsome, hooray. These guys, all they care about is cars, hooray. These guys, they treat all the women around them as property, hooray. These guys are really, really annoying company, every one of them, hooray."


    Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection/REX

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