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    Man Joins Tinder As A Dog, Gets Sent Some Pretty Bizarre Messages

    Hero, the golden retriever, proved a very popular match.

    Journalist Joe Veix was feeling bored and lonely one day, so he decided to join Tinder. As a dog.

    Veix set up a profile as both a male and female golden retriever named Hero.

    Some played along with the joke.

    Some people bizarrely decided to act like dogs when talking to Hero.

    Others pretended to be cats.

    Some of the Tinder users tried some old chat up lines on the pretend dog.

    Inevitably some started posting explicit messages.

    Hero's responses were slightly varied.

    Some people got a little too into it.

    Veix said the male Hero received 206 matches — 154 men and 52 women — after just four days on Tinder.

    But the profile really took off when he switched Hero to a female dog.

    In just two hours the female profile received 300 male matches.

    Veix told BuzzFeed that when he was a male dog "the responses tended to be more lighthearted and people played along with the joke".

    However, when the profile was switched to a female dog, "pretty much every message was aggressive, sad, and weird".

    Veix said he stopped being a female dog after just a day and subsequently deleted Tinder from his phone.