Magician Explains Why Stockholm Is The Best City In The World Using Brilliant Card Tricks

We’re all moving to Stockholm.

1. A video produced by the Stockholm Business Region has gone viral after the Swedish capital came up with an inventive way of promoting itself.

2. The clip involves magician Charlie Caper carrying out a series of incredible tricks while outlining some of Stockholm’s qualities.

3. At one point, Caper discusses how clean the city’s water is while somehow making a glass of water appear from behind a deck of cards.

4. PR manager Ann-Charlotte Jonsson is quoted by The Local as saying:

Everyone has seen and heard that Stockholm is a beautiful city.

The interesting story is actually why you should come to Stockholm, why you should invest here.

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve never listened to so many facts in a row and stayed so captivated.

5. The video found its way onto Reddit at the weekend and provoked a lengthy debate on the pros and cons of living in Stockholm.

After this, we’re completely sold.

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Richard James is the UK news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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