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    Just An Otter Eating An Alligator Alive

    The gator was no match for the river otter.

    These incredible pictures were captured by keen photographer Geoff Walsh at the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

    Geoff Walsh/Barcroft Media

    The encounter took place in 2011 but the pictures remained unseen on Walsh’s computer until recently.

    Geoff Walsh/Barcroft Media

    The sequence shows the otter biting into the juvenile alligator’s neck before dragging it out of the water.

    Geoff Walsh/Barcroft Media

    Walsh’s wife Kitty said: ‘At first glance it just looked like it was a couple of raccoons but when we noticed it was a fight we couldn’t believe it.

    ‘The otter dragged the gator into a bush and then we just heard bone crunching.

    Geoff Walsh/Barcroft Media

    ‘We decided not to go any closer which I think was for the best.’

    Geoff Walsh/Barcroft Media

    Although they normally eat fish, otters often add shellfish, crabs and small mammals to their diet.

    And now alligators.

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