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    Jimmy Kimmel Got People To Stand Next To Their Father And Admit To A Lie They Had Told

    "But she's your sister?!?"

    The stunt was to celebrate Father's Day over the weekend and the results were pretty hilarious.

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    "I wrecked my car in high school."

    "I dropped your toothbrush in the toilet and blamed it on the dog."

    "One time, when we said we were having a sleepover, we just... we went to Chicago."

    "I took money from him."

    "I found $20 on the floor." [Where did you find it?] "Maybe, in his drawer..."

    "That I've never smoked weed before."

    "The first girl I kissed was Susie in second grade."

    Dad: "But she's your sister?!?" Son: "I know."

    This being Kimmel, not all the admissions may be true. But the reactions are still priceless.

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