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    Weather Reporter Scared Off-Screen By Massive Bee Attack

    I for one welcome our new bee overlords.

    Meteorologist Jennifer Ketchmark was understandably petrified when she came under attack from a massive bee earlier this week.

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    Ketchmark was giving her weather forecast on FOX59 News, based in Indianapolis, on Monday when the huge insect appeared on the screen behind her.


    OK sure, the bee was magnified due to landing on one of the news station's tower cams, but her reaction was just priceless.

    "I’m going to end up on some blooper reel. ... I’m going to regret that for a long time," she said immediately afterwards.

    To be fair to Ketchmark, she took it all in good spirit and later tweeted about the incident.

    I did not like this bug surprising me during live weather. @FanchonStinger and @DanSpehler had me laughing so hard!

    "Hey Jen, nice bee video" is something I keep hearing everywhere I go. Happy to bring you all some entertainment. Lol #buzz #WeatherBee

    Damn those bees.