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    Guy Makes His Girlfriend's Life Hell By Shouting "Lord Of The Rings" Quotes At Her

    "Even on holiday???"

    YouTube user Joe Azzopardi uploaded this video entitled "Guy torments girlfriend with Lord of The Rings quotes" on Tuesday and it has quickly spread across the internet.

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    The clip shows a young man continually quoting lines from the fantasy series at his unsuspecting partner.

    He sneaks up on her when she's trying to hang the washing out.

    At night, in what appears to be a bathroom.

    And even on holiday...

    BuzzFeed News spoke to Azzopardi about the video and he revealed it is not him in the clips but his old school friend Owen McCavana.

    McCavana told BuzzFeed the short clips were recorded over the last year and half.

    "It all started from me getting personal enjoyment out of scaring and surprising people (a bit cruel I know)," he said. "That coupled with me being the biggest Lord of the Rings fan was the pathway."

    The 28-year-old said his girlfriend's initial reaction was to jump in surprise as she is easily scared but she's now got used to the prank and instead tends to just swear at him.

    McCavana also revealed he is a professional actor and hinted there could be a surprising follow-up: "Maybe I'll have to make another one with a twist... Watch this space."