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Football Fan Punches Hole In Ceiling After His Team Scores, Scorer Offers To Pay

Paul Anderson said he would pay to repair the damage after his goal caused Ross Morgan to hit the roof.

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Ross Morgan is a big Ipswich supporter. Here he is, meeting defender Tommy Smith.

Cheers for the pic @tommysmith1990 great performance today! #itfc

On Saturday, Ipswich drew 1–1 with Norwich in their Championship play-off first leg at Portman Road.

Paul Anderson equalised for Ipswich after Jonny Howson gave the visitors the lead.
Jamie Mcdonald / Getty Images

Paul Anderson equalised for Ipswich after Jonny Howson gave the visitors the lead.

Watching the game at home, Morgan got rather excited by Anderson's goal and accidentally punched a hole in his ceiling.

I've just punched a whole in my ceiling when we scored!!! Do I care? No! #itfc #coyb

Posting the pictures on Twitter, Morgan claimed he didn't care about the damage.

But he still sent the pictures to Anderson and was rather surprised when the player responded, offering to pay to fix it.

@rossmorgan1989 tell me how much to fix it and I'll pay it mate 👍🏻

The pair then proceeded to have a conversation on Twitter about Anderson's kind offer.

@P18NDO you sir are an absolute hero. I will try and fix it myself. You deserve every penny of that goal bonus!!! You were superb! #itfc

@rossmorgan1989 seriously let me know. It's my fault haha

@P18NDO I will do mate. Thank you for today! You have made it. Fucked ceiling or not. #hero #itfc #weloveyouandowedo

@rossmorgan1989 haha anything you want. Nothing too expensive please haha

Ipswich will take on Norwich in the second leg of their play-off semi-final on Saturday.

How many people got injured celebrating? Haha. That's all I keep getting messages. I hope you're all ok haha 😂😂

The winner will play either Middlesbrough or Brentford at Wembley for a place in the Premier League next season.

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