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    Exasperated Dad Makes YouTube Video Explaining How To Use The Dishwasher

    Remember the father who made a video for his kids about how to change toilet roll? Well, here's the next lesson.

    Father-of-two Will Reid has returned with another instructional video for his teenage children, this time on how to stack a dishwasher.

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    Reid became an internet star earlier this summer when his video teaching his kids, James and Beth, how to change the toilet roll went viral.

    In the new clip, Reid helps his teenagers recognise what a dishwasher actually looks like. / Via

    He explains how it works. / Via

    And why some items need to be cleaned before being stacked in the dishwasher. / Via

    Especially the ones that have been found congealed in the kids' bedrooms.

    I honestly didn't think there would be another one as the first one was spontaneous and meant as a joke. A joke that seems to have struck a chord with quite a few people!!I hope this raises a smile and maybe some knowing nods? If it does, please share and lets see what happens. Despite my kids saying that I'm not funny and no one would be interested, I guess I have shown them that maybe Dads do know a thing or two about the internet! Who would have thought?!!!

    The first video has been so popular you can now buy T-shirts with his name on.