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    People Have Been Freaking Out About NatWest Ruining Their Chances Of Going To Glastonbury

    People were worrying they might miss out on the chance to secure tickets at the weekend.

    So last night NatWest customers began seeing this message when they logged into their online banking.

    However, Twitter users such as Nick Bain pointed out that that is when tickets for next year's Glastonbury festival go on sale.

    And some people started to get worried they might miss out on the chance to secure tickets for the 2015 festival at Worthy Farm.

    @NatWest_Help UMMMMMM am I gonna be able to use my card to buy glastonbury tickets sunday???? Talk about great timing!!!!!

    @NatWest_Help are you really closing down your systems on Sunday Morning when Glastonbury tickets go on sale !!!!!

    @NatWest_Help what's up with the planned downtime for online payments on sunday morning? I'm trying to get Glastonbury tickets!!

    @AskHalifaxBank Hi, I am aware NATWEST & RBS online payments are down on Sunday morning? Will my Halifax account be disrupted? #glastonbury

    @NatWest_Help with the server upgrade on Sunday 03:00-11:00 will card payments online still work? #Glasto2015 tickets

    But this morning NatWest began reassuring its customers that debit card payments would be working as normal on Sunday.

    @dletorey Hey Dave, debit card payments will work as normal, don't worry you won't miss out on Glastonbury :-) IK

    @buffystar Hi Mick, you should still be able to make card payments on Sunday. Have fun at Glastonbury :) AS

    Halifax also reassured customers it would not be doing anything to cause a disruption.

    @celtic_villan Hi, I'm DH. We don't have any scheduled updates affecting card payments on Sunday. Good luck on getting a ticket.

    NatWest has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that debit card payments will not be affected at the weekend, just bank transfers and online and mobile payments.

    Panic over.