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    Dolphins Put On Delightful Seaside Display In Cornwall

    Not something you see every day.

    Beachgoers in Gwithian, Cornwall, witnessed an incredible scene last Friday.


    Three dolphins decided to entertain those on the beach by leaping out of the water.


    Mary-Anne Drabble, 41, who witnessed the wonderful sight, told the Medavia news agency: “It was a breathtaking experience - I was actually crying at what I saw.

    “Everyone on the beach was cheering as they jumped out of the water. I think the dolphins were showing off for everyone.”

    Lifeguards and a rescue helicopter eventually helped encourage the dolphins to swim back out to sea and away from the shallows.


    Drabble, from Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire, added: “The lifeguards urged people to stay away from them and started trying to encourage the dolphins to swim back out to open water."


    “A helicopter flew above the water to force the dolphins to go away.”

    Thankfully the dolphins escaped any injury.

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