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    Syrian Children Given Cameras To Show What Life In The World’s Second Largest Refugee Camp Looks Like

    The pictures were taken at the Za’atari camp in Jordan.

    There are almost 50,000 Syrian children currently living in the Za’atari camp on the Jordan/Syria border.

    The camp was first opened in July 2012 to help the thousands of Syrians fleeing the bloody civil war in the country.

    The camp now houses almost 150,000 people - making it the fourth-largest "city" in Jordan.

    Save the Children recently partnered with photographer Agnes Montanari and gave some of the children living in the refugee camp cameras to document their new lives.

    This picture was taken by 16-year-old Farah (all the children's names were changed to protect their identity) from Dera’a.

    Seventeen-year-old Yousef said he loved taking photos to keep memories of his life in the camp.

    "I like small details and photographing them, as they can make a difference when captured in a photo," he added.

    Save the Children said the photographs were taken over several months.

    Karim, 18, who took this image, said he wanted to show the atmosphere inside the camp.

    Haya, also 18 said: "I joined the photography course because I want to let the world see the truth about living in Za’atari, the good side and the bad side of it."

    Omar, 19, explained there was a sense of community among the group taking the pictures.

    "We have become like a family. I want to work harder on being a better photographer," he declared.

    "The reason I love photography is: when I take photos of the present, it helps me forget the past."

    Reema, 20, also from Dera’a, admitted the photography gave her freedom.

    Last month it was revealed the number of refugees fleeing from Syria into Lebanon has now passed the one million mark.