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    British Photographer Captures Haunting Images Of America’s Abandoned Asylums

    Daniel Barter embarked on a 5,000-mile road trip to find the sites.

    Photographer Daniel Barter travelled through the north-east of America visiting a series of abandoned buildings.

    The 30-year-old Briton explored prisons, asylums, churches and schools.

    During his tour, Barter visited historic landmarks such as Al Capone's cell in a Pennsylvania penitentiary.

    He also came across this ghostly asylum in New York which still had plastic balls scattered across its floor.

    Many of the images, like this one of an alter at a disused church in Pennsylvania, look like dusty time capsules.

    Some of the abandoned buildings were left in complete disarray.

    Barter said: "We visited five states and several major cities, from New York City to Pittsburgh."

    "It got pretty wild at times, so much so that in the more destitute areas, our guide carried a Glock."

    It looked like some of the sites were abandoned in a hurry.

    Others, such as these TV sets stacked on top of each other in New York, are just plain creepy.

    Barter took part in the U.S. road trip with fellow photographer Dan Marbaix.

    The pair travelled some 5,000 miles to capture the incredible shots.

    Barter told BuzzFeed the pictures were all taken in 2012.

    He said the sites were found using Google Maps and speaking to other urban explorers who lived locally.

    "Abandoned buildings are dangerous enough at the best of times to be honest. They are unstable, can contain hazardous materials and you never know who you might bump into," Barter added.

    "A lot of the places we shot were in areas of poverty, which come with their own risks. We managed to get into a few sticky situations but nothing that we couldn't handle."