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Bekily The Lemur Has Decided To Get In On The Selfie Action

That’s the new profile pic sorted.

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Keeper Tegan McPhail was trying to take a picture of Bekily during feeding time at London Zoo.

REX USA/ZSL London Zoo / Rex

But the 12-year-old ring-tailed lemur had other ideas.

‘We're always taking quick pics of the animals we look after - as with workmates this cute, it's hard to resist - but Bekily definitely wanted to get in on the action himself this time,’ McPhail said.

REX USA/ZSL London Zoo / Rex

‘As I was snapping away, he grabbed the camera lens and pulled it towards his own face. It took him a few attempts but he got a great profile pic in the end.

‘I doubt we'll be entering his pics into photography competitions anytime soon; however I think he did a pretty good job!’

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