11 Adorable Pictures Of Prince George Enjoying His First Official Play Date

The royal baby continues to upstage his parents.

1. On Wednesday, Prince George attended a play group event in Wellington, New Zealand.

(Photo: AP/Marty Melville)

2. The young royal was accompanied by his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

(Photo: AP/Marty Melville)

3. The royals met with fellow new parents at Government House in Wellington as part of an event organised by not-for-profit childcare group Plunket.

(Photo: AP/Marty Melville)

4. All the babies at the play date were born within a few weeks of Prince George’s birthday — 22 July 2013.

(Photo: AP/Marty Melville)

5. The 8-month-old appeared calm around the other children.

(Photo: AP/Marty Melville)

6. But perhaps a little hungry.

(Photo: AP/Marty Melville)

7. The Duke and Duchess chatted in the Blandor Room with the other adults, including a single mother and same-sex parents.

(Photo: Marty Melville/AFP)

8. According to the BBC’s royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, Prince George “behaved like someone who expected to get his own way”.

(Photo: Marty Melville/AFP / Getty)

9. “It would seem that the 8-month-old third in line to the throne treated his first ‘official engagement’ … as an opportunity to show that he wasn’t to be messed with.”


10. “He crawled with confidence; adopted a proprietorial attitude to toys and generally showed — in the words of one journalist who witnessed it — that he is something of a ‘bruiser’”.

(Photo: Marty Melville/AFP / Getty)

11. The royal couple are currently embarking on a 19-day tour of New Zealand and Australia.

(Photo: Marty Melville/AFP / Getty)

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