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    11 Adorable Pictures Of Prince George Enjoying His First Official Play Date

    The royal baby continues to upstage his parents.

    1. On Wednesday, Prince George attended a play group event in Wellington, New Zealand.

    2. The young royal was accompanied by his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

    3. The royals met with fellow new parents at Government House in Wellington as part of an event organised by not-for-profit childcare group Plunket.

    4. All the babies at the play date were born within a few weeks of Prince George’s birthday — 22 July 2013.

    5. The 8-month-old appeared calm around the other children.

    6. But perhaps a little hungry.

    7. The Duke and Duchess chatted in the Blandor Room with the other adults, including a single mother and same-sex parents.

    8. According to the BBC's royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell, Prince George "behaved like someone who expected to get his own way".

    9. "It would seem that the 8-month-old third in line to the throne treated his first 'official engagement' ... as an opportunity to show that he wasn't to be messed with."

    10. "He crawled with confidence; adopted a proprietorial attitude to toys and generally showed — in the words of one journalist who witnessed it — that he is something of a 'bruiser'".

    11. The royal couple are currently embarking on a 19-day tour of New Zealand and Australia.

    Check out a short video from the day:

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