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    A Lot Of People Like Watching This British Prankster On YouTube Getting Punched In The Face

    Some do not take kindly to his pranks.

    This is YouTube prankster Jack Jones.

    And this is how some people react when they meet him.

    And this.

    Jones has around 11,000 subscribers on YouTube and appears to have uploaded the first video to his channel in January of this year. This is a compilation of his "best pranks" of 2014:

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    His first few videos involve a character known as "Speedo Man" played by his best friend Shayan.

    Jones' most common prank appears to be pretending to be gay and trying to chat men up or saying extremely explicit things to them to try and provoke a reaction.

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    Some of the pranks are quite disturbing and appear to prey on vulnerable people, some of whom seem to take his offer of money in exchange for sexual acts as genuine.

    This is the 21-year-old's most popular video by far, entitled: "You Wanna See My Balls Prank??? Gone Wrong!!!":

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    The prank is a commonly repeated skit on YouTube where unsuspected members of the public think the protagonist is making extremely sexual and inappropriate remarks but after reacting are shown innocent household items.

    In this case the balls in question are a bag of marbles.

    As the violent ending to the video shows though, not everyone finds the trick clever or funny.

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Jones said his initial inspiration was Russian YouTube comedian Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, whose most popular video "How To Get Girls To Kiss You" has been watched over 42 million times.

    Jones says he pretends to be gay because it gets "people annoyed so quickly because there are so many homophobes".

    Among his confrontational videos though is this touching collection of interactions he had with homeless people and their reactions to his gifts of food and drink.

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    In the description, Jones wrote: "I see so many homeless people out on the streets so I done a video help the homeless to inspire people to help."

    Jones is in the process of expanding the team that helps him create the YouTube pranks but told BuzzFeed he eventually hopes to break into TV and mainstream films.

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    Until then though, you can expect to see a fair bit more of this kind of momentary rage aimed at him and his pranks.