A Load Of Free Cash Has Been Hidden In London As Part Of A Treasure Hunt And Here’s The First Clue


1. An American millionaire is leaving 20 envelopes containing £100 each in parks across London this weekend after a treasure hunt he started became a social media phenomenon in the U.S.

2. Property magnate Jason Buzi and his Hidden Cash team left almost $15,000 across a number of American cities over the last month.

3. Earlier this week, the group’s Twitter account announced it was coming to London.

5. The account also teased cash could also be left in other UK cities.

6. And on Friday the first clue was announced.

London first clue: large space where green meets blue. Saturday neither early nor late.

— Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash)

7. Speaking to the Telegraph, Buzi said the money was being hidden in central London by a British member of the team who works near Birmingham.

We want to see how London goes first and then we’ll decide whether to expand it around the UK.

Londoners are big Twitter users so I’m sure there will be quite a crowd. You guys seem to love a treasure hunt so it could become a scramble for the money.

8. He also revealed there were plans to take the treasure hunt to Paris and Madrid as he wanted the “pay it forward” message to spread.

Vegas, wake up! There's absolutely no one here but thousands of $$$ in cash and tickets. Park across from TB/McD.

— Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash)

9. “We want this to be a global movement. We are not trillionaires, but we earned a lot of money in our lives and want to pay it forward, just as we want all the winners to pay it forward too,” he said.

NYC: Every envelope has a silver dollar (Liberty) and $50 bill (Grant). 40 in all. Go! View from drop:

— Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash)

10. Last month, a UK version of Hidden Cash began leaving money around the country.

@hiddencash_UK ha mental , working 2 minutes round corner although i did think it would be a stitch up!#hiddencash

— ✯ Harry ✯ (@harry_mckeown)

11. But now the original treasure hunt has arrived things are getting really interesting.

Here’s that clue one more time – “Large space where green meets blue. Saturday neither early nor late.”

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