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    14 Problems Only Guys With Long Hair Will Understand

    "Seriously, when are you getting a haircut?"

    1. Looking like Chewbacca when you wake up.

    2. Giving yourself whiplash by continually flicking your hair.

    3. Shaving becoming impossible. You end up with more foam in your hair than on your face.

    (Photo by Chris Furlong / Getty)

    4. Running out of the fancy shampoo you steal from your girlfriend.


    "I can’t use this Lynx crap on my hair!"

    5. Being scared of tangled hair. "Why the hell does it hurt so much?"


    6. Becoming overly attached to your brush.

    7. Getting excited by how soft your hair is after conditioning, while at the same time rubbing your breakfast into your long locks.

    8. Being mistaken for a woman. This happens WAY too often.

    9. Trying to play any kind of sport.

    (Photo: Denis Doyle / Getty)

    Even he couldn't pull it off.

    10. Losing your hair tie – "My hair is in my eyes, I can’t see anything!"

    11. Thinking you can pull off a ponytail. Just don't.

    (Photo: ShowBizIreland / Getty)

    12. Having to have a trim – "I’m Samson, you’re stealing my power!"

    13. Trying to dry your hair with a hairdryer – "How does this thing work and WHY IS IT SO HOT?"

    14. Being asked when you’re getting a haircut.

    Let it go, it's not happening.

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