RichardBlaine I am into making the best possible food, but I don’t make it a habit of making dishes that are excessive in nature or over bloated with ingredients that most people don’t have on hand on a daily basis. That being said I do like to mak...
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  • Italian Food: Polenta Con Ragù Di Funghi Great Mushroom Recipes

    Now as far as mushroom recipes are concerned you can make this dish as strictly vegetarian by just making the mushroom ragu and then making the polenta and that’s fine! I add a light touch of either bacon or Italian sausage to the mix to add a level of flavor that you usually don’t get in this dish and it’s wonderful! So if you love Italian food and you love mushrooms and mushroom recipes then I urge you to make this dish and make it your own either vegetarian or not just make it your own and I promise you that you will just love it as much as I do. Enjoy the video!

  • Israeli Couscous: Jewish Food! Shashlik: Russian Food! A Great Combination For Dinner

    In Russia Shashlik or Shashlyk as it’s pronounced is a barbequed skewered meat dish that is served in Russia and althrough the eastern block of Europe as well as in other parts of the world such as Israel, Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Morocco and central Asia. The word Shashlyk means skewered meat.y BBQ the shashlik on a grill called a “mangal” which is a square fire pit filled with charcoal or wood or a combination of both. Shashlik can be made out of any type of meat you like such as chicken, pork, beef, veal or lamb. Depending on where you are in the world and what the cultural or religious beliefs are in place will dictate which meat will be used in the shashlik. Shashlik traditionally is marinated in a highly acidic marinade overnight and this acidity helps to break down the proteins in the meat and also makes for really tender meat. As with any dish from any country in the world there are a million and one ways to make a dish. This particular shashlik recipe is a cross between the Uzbek, Russian, Georgian and Israeli recipes as I find it to be one of the more simpler and delicious shashlik recipes out there. Everyone has their own way of making shashlik and I am sure they are all DELICIOUS!

  • Jewish Food: Kasha? Kasha Recipes? Kupecheskaya!

    I have been taking requests for about six months now and doing mostly Asian and Italian cuisines as they are my fave cuisines. The fact is that I LOVE all food and that is why I cook. Last week one of my subbers made a request that I cook some Jewish food. To tell the truth I was stumped by the request because I have never cooked Jewish food. I mean I have eaten matzo ball soup and I make and eat chopped liver and I have eaten at Jewish deli’s but I have never made Jewish food/cuisine. So I did some research and I came up with a traditional Jewish comfort food called Kasha! This week I am going to make the Russian Jewish version of this traditional Jewish comfort food. It is usually called Kasha Varnishkes but in Russian it’s called “Kupecheskaya.” It is a version of Kasha made with onions, garlic, mushrooms and bowtie pasta with the addition of scrambled or crumbled hard boiled eggs. I will be using scrambled eggs as they soak up the flavors of this dish quite well. You can find the exact recipe for this dish on my blog @  

  • Indian Cuisine: Paneer Recipes: My Paneer Recipes

    This week I am doing some non traditional dishes with an Indian cheese known as Paneer. I got into Paneer Recipes by watching some of my Indian cooking channels one of them being Aditi’s channel. She was making so many Paneer Recipes and I was impressed by them all. I didn’t even know that they ate cheese in Indian until I started watching her channel. So I told her that I was going to make some Paneer Recipes and do a shout out and I asked her if I should do some traditional Paneer Recipes or come up with some. Aditi told me to come up with my own Paneer Recipes as there was tons of traditional Indian Paneer Recipes out there. So this week I am making an orzo paneer pilaf, a spring vegetable and paneer pasta dish and a pan seared slab of paneer crusted with Za’atar spice and garnished with seasoned chick peas and black beans. You can get the full recipes on my blog @

  • Pasta Recipes: Linguine With Clams The Richard Blaine Way!

    This week it’s back to making some great Italian food by request by my number #1 fan in England and her name is Mirella Blaise! She found me some time back and now is like I said my #1 fan! So this week is Pasta Recipes! I am making Linguine With Clams! This is not your usual run of the mill Linguine With Clams recipes in where it’s just made in red, white or aioli sauces. This is multi leveled flavor with textures and really great aromas! Give this Linguine With Clams recipe a shot and make it your own I am sure you will enjoy it! You can find the exact recipe on my blog @  

  • Tom Kha Gai Recipe: What Is Tom Kha Gai? Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

    This week I am making my version of a Tom Kha Gai recipe. Tom Kha Gai is Thai coconut chicken soup. The weather is getting cold and I thought I would just make some good old fashioned Jewish penicillin (New York style chicken soup) and then I thought to myself I could do that anytime and lots of people have done it already. This Tom Kha Gai recipe in my opinion is a great version of Thai penicillin. Tom Kha Gai is warming and creamy and is loaded with lovely herbs and spices to make some of the best chicken soup that one has ever had. It’s really a pretty simple and yet very delicious chicken. This Tom Kha Gai recipe has all the distinctive Thai flavors that one would expect in a Thai dish. Tom Kha Gai (Gai is chicken) has an ingredient in it called galangal (In Thai Kha) There is one substituition I am using in my Tom Kha Gai recipe and that is using ginger in place of galangal as I could not locate any galangal this week and then I will be using the other ingredients of lemongrass and kaffir limes leaves to infuse the coconut milk and chicken broth/stock that I make as well. A good Tom Kha Gai recipe will have a good balance of salty, sweet, spicy, and sour flavors.

  • Knife Sharpening: How To Create A Cutting Edge From Scratch

    I will be using the standard gear that I always use for knife sharpening which is DMT diamond plates that I use in 220/325/600/1200 grits respectively. I will also be using Spyderco ceramic stones Models 204F and 204UF respectively. I will also most likely use my surgical black Arkansas stone as a final blade polishing stone. So sit back and check out how I do knife sharpening and enjoy the video

  • Soup: Seafood Chowder: Bay Shrimp Chowder

    I got the recipe for this soup/seafood chowder from my friend and sub on Youtube named Tango Joe of the Tango Spice Company. The soup is called Bay Shrimp Chowder and it’s a recipe that Joe has been working on for awhile. The reason I am making this soup is because I got interested in Joe’s spices and I asked him to send me some to try out and in return I would make one of his recipes with it. He sent me the spice called Tango Verde Green and along with it he sent me a starter recipe for his soup recipe bay shrimp chowder. I make seafood chowder all the time but I usually make either A Manhattan style seafood chowder or a New England clam chowder. I have never made bay shrimp chowder or any kind of shrimp chowder at all. This was going to be good!

  • Asian Cooking: Vietnamese Food: Caramelized Pork Belly W/Eggs Thit Kho Tau Or Kaw!

    This week it’s Vietnamese food! Whoohoo! I LOVE my Asian cooking! Everyone knows I LOVE my Asian cooking! Everyone knows I LOVE my Vietnamese food! I love the flavors of Southeast Asia in my Asian Cooking. This week I am making Vietnamese food again. I am making a dish that I was introduced to by my friend Saveda Lee on her Youtube channel. This week I am making caramelized pork belly with eggs. This dish is called Thit Kho Tau or Thit Kho Kaw. This is a true 100% Vietnamese dish that is also very popular in Cambodia as well.

  • Malaysian Food: Nasi Lemak: My Nasi Lemak Recipe

    Naturally, Nasi Lemak has it’s humble beginnings in the cuisine of Malay. The term Nasi Lemak means “fatty rice”, not to worry there is no fat in the rice except for the content of the coconut milk and it is delicious! If you want to break the meanings of Nasi Lemak down even further you can say that Nasi Lemak means “rich” or “creamy”. Originally, the way this coconut rice was cooked was by soaking the rice in the coconut milk or cream and then the mixture was steamed. Flavor is added to the Nasi Lemak by the addition of something called “screwpine” leaves or “pandan” leave. Generally the coconut rice is cooked with one or two of these leaves knotted up and put in the pot with the rice to cook. These leaves impart some of the traditional flavor to the Nasi Lemak dish. There are some additional herbs that can be added to the Nasi Lemak rice that will give it an even more spicy flavor and aroma and those herbs are lemon grass and ginger.

  • Sweetbreads: Sweetbread Recipes: Sweetbreads With Bacon Mushroom Shallot And Garlic

    So for those of you that have never had the pleasure of eating sweetbreads you may ask what are sweetbreads? Sweetbreads are the pancreas and thymus glands and calf, veal, lamb and pork! Some chefs and people call the thymus the throat sweetbread or in French cooking the thymus is referred to as a “gorge.” Also in French the pancreas is referred to as the “noix.” The “noix” sweetbread is from the stomach or heart and the “gorge” sweetbread comes from the animals throat.

  • Rice: Rice Recipes: Brown Rice And Wild Rice Pilaf

    Hi guys! This week I am making one of my favorite rice recipes! I love rice recipes and this week I am making a rice recipe that is a brown rice and wild rice pilaf! This isn’t going to be a vegetarian rice dish as I am going to be using chicken broth to cook the brown rice. Rice recipes are just one of those staple dishes that people just love. Whenever I make a rice pilaf I do it the way I learned from watching Jacques Pepin. I add some oil to a sauce pan and then I put the rice in and cook it in the oil and then I add some salt and pepper and then I add the liquid and cook the rice. It always turns out great. I will be doing this for the brown rice but now for the wild rice in this recipe.

  • Seeds: Celery Seed

    As with many of the herbs and spice we use in this country the venerable celery seed comes to us from another country, that being India! I just love my Indian herbs and spices! Besides being used in cooking endeavors the celery seed has been used as medicine since the time of the ancient Greeks. Around the 19th century celery seeds were being used as a vegetable in food and in other food uses such as pickling. The celery seed tastes like celery and when crushed to be used in recipes is very aromatic and slightly bitter. You would be very surprised to find out that the celery seed is used in more places than you think! Ever use Old Bay seasoning in your cooking? Guess what? Old Bay makes use of celery seeds for their aromatic qualities. Do you like to have a Bloody Mary on occasion? Of course you do! The best Bloody Mary’s are made using celery salt which comes from the celery seed! If you come from New York as I do then you have had a New York hot dog I am sure over at Nathans Famous in Coney Island. Remember how it tasted? Now have you ever been to Chicago? The famous Varsity Hot Dogs of Chicago! The Chicago hot dog tastes different than a New York hot dog because the Chicago dog used celery seed in the recipe! Some other uses for celery seeds are in soups and dressings. I love chicken soup don’t you? I always add dill weed to my chicken soup and then I add some crushed up celery seeds for a great taste!

  • Vegetarian Recipes: Italian Caponata And Marinated Mushrooms

    Caponata Alla Siciliana is a cooked eggplant salad or relish and Funghi Marinati is Italian marinated mushrooms. Both of these side dishes or appetizers are easy to make and that is why I am making them here. Besides being easy to make and extremely delicious these two dishes are extremely versatile whether being used in vegan/vegetarian dishes or non vegan/vegetarian dishes. Go ahead and make these two great Italian sides dishes and then think of how many ways you can use them! You can find the full recipes on my blog at   Today!

  • Healthy Vegetarian Recipes Gluten Free Meals A Delicious Pasta Recipe

    Healthy vegetarian recipes come in all shapes and sizes! There are many levels of vegetarianism and I hope to cover them all in this new channel. I am also going to be exploring gluten free meals as well! In this video I am making a delicious pasta recipe that is made with gluten free corn pasta and the toppings are Pasilla chilies, onion,Roma tomatoes with basil, garlic and oregano with a little marinara base to it. I am not making this dish totally vegan as I am topping the pasta with Gorgonzola cheese. If you want to make this dish totally vegan then you could use high quality textured protein cheese and there are some really good one’s on the market! Enjoy! You can find the recipe on my blog @   Today!

  • Tofu: Tofu Recipes: Greek Salad And Korean Hot And Spicy Tofu Read more:  

    Hi guys! This week I am doing something new. I am going to be making two tofu recipes this week in celebration of the new Youtube channel I am opening called the HealthyMealRecipes channel! Now I know what you are thinking? Tofu? Tofu recipes? From Richard Blaine? You bet! I love tofu recipes and I have been eating tofu since I was 13yrs! Have no fear, not all the cooking I will be doing on this new channel will be tofu and tofu recipes. The dishes I will prepare on this new channel will address a more balanced approach to the way people eat! I will address vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes alike! I have a handful of favorite Youtube channel foodies that do gluten free and vegetarian dishes that I just LOVE! I will be tapping them on the shoulder to ask if I can do a recipe of theirs on my new channel and I am sure you will enjoy their dishes as much as I have! There are many levels of vegetarianism such as strict vegan to people that are ovo vegetarian. As I learn you will learn as well! I will show examples of making dishes with things like tofu in place of say things like cheese for those that either don’t or can’t eat cheese as in the Greek salad I am doing here tonight. It’s a tofu recipe and yes it is still delicious. I will also address my gluten free audience with delicious gluten free dishes that are sure to please! Yes! I will be making meat dishes on this channel as well but it will be lean meat dishes with balanced amounts of the meat in relation to the other ingredients on the plate.

  • Salad Recipes: My Southwestern Cottage Cheese Salad

    This week guys I am making another of my salad recipes. The summer here in Las Vegas is gone and we are now into what it our fall. It’s for this reason that I am making and end of summer salad. This week I am going to reinvigorate my last cottage cheese salad recipe and reinvent it into my Southwestern Cottage Salad. In the summer I love salad recipes and a couple of weeks ago I made one of my Mom’s cottage cheese salad recipes and just added a couple of additions to it and the response I got for it was amazing! One of my Youtube subs a fellow who calls himself the baldchef had made a comment about me taking something that was retro and breathing new life into it. I was very flattered to say the least. Also in thinking about cottage cheese I can remember when cottage cheese was like one of the most popular diet foods around and I just don’t think you hear much about it anymore as a diet food. It is high protein and low carbs and is still an excellent source of calcium and can be made into more than just salad recipes. So this salad I am doing this week is just another reinvention of a cottage cheese salad. This week my end of summer salad is going to be a cottage cheese salad with the flavors of the great Southwest. This should turn out to be one of my favorite cottage cheese salad recipes to date!

  • Knife Sharpening: Kitchen Knife Sharpening: How To Sharpen A Serrated Knife Blade

    This week once again the subject is on Knife Sharpening. As I stated before I have been taking requests as of late and the one’s that I get the most are for Knife Sharpening. So this weeks Knife Sharpening video will discuss Kitchen Knife Sharpening. and the subject of How To Sharpen A Serrated Knife Blade. There is always a bone of contention when it comes to How To Sharpen A Serrated Knife Blade. The fact of the matter is that the best way is on a standing grinder rig outfitted with a medium bristle bronze brush wheel. The bronze is softer than the steel of the knife but hard enough to straighten a rolled edge without scratching the surface of the serrated blade. The bronze wheel will also not damage or deform the scallops or teeth of the serrated blade. Well, fact of the matter is that not everyone has a standing grinder in their homes to do Kitchen Knife Sharpening with. The other side of the story is that many people use their serrated knives for chores other than what they are meant for and in that case the edge will not stay as sharp as long. In most cases when it comes to Knife Sharpening and especially Kitchen Knife Sharpening the most difficult knife in the kitchen to sharpen is the serrated blade. Now there are many gimmicky gadgets on the market that say they will sharpen a serrated knife but, the fact of the matter is that these gadgets will also deform the scallops and teeth of your serrated kitchen knives.

  • Knife Sharpening How To Sharpen Knives In The Field

    Hi Everyone! This week I am going to be talking about Knife Sharpening again! I am going to be talking about How To Sharpen Knives In The Field. I have been taking requests from readers and Youtube channel subscribers lately and have been getting requests for more Knife Sharpening! So here were are. I was contacted by a United Stated Marine two weeks ago and he asked me how I would perform Knife Sharpening in the field on a knife like a Ka-Bar or any knife in the field? He told me he was using this little gadget with two tungsten carbide bits in it for Knife Sharpening.

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