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    18 Times Piers Morgan Got Absolutely Rinsed On Twitter By Gary Lineker

    The best of enemies.

    Piers Morgan is an avid Arsenal fan and never holds back with his many, many football opinions.

    The #WengerForever brigade are to blame for this nonsense. He's 5yrs past his sell-by date. Just embarrassing. #afc

    He once called Aaron Ramsey a "complete and utter liability".

    But seems to have changed his mind...

    BOOOMMM!!! 1-0. Unbelievable - @aaronramsey AGAIN. Thank God I saw his potential last season and stood by him. #Afc

    1. Thankfully, Spurs legend Gary Lineker has always been on hand to put him in his place.

    This is getting ridiculous. Afternoon tea has arrived in the Emirates studio. No wonder you're so large @piersmorgan

    2. Like the time he praised Aaron Ramsey.

    For the second time in just over a week @aaronramsey proves his worth. A goal tonight and the refusal to shake the hand of @piersmorgan

    3. And the time Morgan tried to have a dig at Lineker.

    Football has myriad positional terms, that have evolved over decades. For instance @GaryLineker wasn't a 'striker' - he was a 'goal-hanger'.

    But Lineker came back with this.

    Better to be a goal-hanger than a phone-hacker.

    (Naturally we have no idea what he is referring to there.)

    4. Morgan doesn't have a lot of luck when having a pop at the Match of the Day presenter.

    5. There was the time he tried to make a joke about the time Lineker shat on the pitch, but Gary took it like a champ.

    A familiar problem for Gary.. > RT @adz70 @piersmorgan @GaryLineker He's had your pants down there Gary !!

    Not getting them down in time was a bigger issue.

    6. And when Morgan tried to have a dig at Spurs fans but got slapped down.

    My old man said be a Tottenham fan.... I said... no thanks, Father. #afc #fathersday

    And all Spurs fans will be eternally thankful.

    7. Lineker only gives up his Match of the Day impartiality on very special occasions.

    β€œ@piersmorgan: God, if Arsenal lose later. I will take myself to the electric chair AND turn it on.” < I should be impartial, but now....

    So @TheTweetOfGod you've allowed @piersmorgan a stay of execution. How disappointing!

    8. While Morgan often comes unstuck when he tries to prove his football knowledge.

    I'm in full control, Jugs. Beckenbauer was a centre half, no?

    Erm.... sweeper, Tubs. Get your coat.

    9. There was the time Morgan made a joke about having an affair with Lineker's wife.

    @GaryLineker everything I do lasts long. Ask @DanielleBux.

    And Lineker came back with this absolute zinger about Morgan's US TV career.

    β€œ@piersmorgan: @GaryLineker everything I do lasts long. Ask @DanielleBux.” < Like your CNN show?

    10. It wasn't the first time he'd brought it up.

    See you've finally parted company with CNN, @piersmorgan . We'll really miss you.....being over there!

    11. In fact, it seems to be a favourite topic of Lineker's.

    Sad news that @piersmorgan 's show has been canned. Who'd have thought he'd be ousted before Wenger? #RestInPiers

    12. There was the time Arsenal lost their first game of the season against West Ham, but Morgan was stuck on a plane so sadly didn't see it.

    Well played West Ham. Marvellous performance. Where's @piersmorgan when you need him?

    13. And when Arsenal lost to Bayern Munich and Lineker disagreed with Morgan's analysis of the match.

    Not for the first time @piersmorgan thinks hacking the opponents would have helped.

    14. They seem to disagree heavily when it comes to fashion.

    Out of interest, Jugs @GaryLineker - are you really qualified to issue fashion advice?

    @piersmorgan for my art and crisps. Your excuse?

    15. There was the time Lineker said what a lot of people were thinking.

    β€œ@piersmorgan: Great to see @dynamomagician backstage at #1DDay world's best magician. ” < Can he make you disappear?

    16. And when Lineker was less than delighted to lose out on an award to Piers Morgan in 2013.

    @piersmorgan @BritishGQ @Lord_Sugar Congrats. Regular contributor to GQ mag wins GQ award. Like MOTD giving an award to Hansen.

    17. But then pointed out that he doesn't have a shortage of them.

    @piersmorgan Genuinely thrilled your good friend @DylanJonesGQ gave you an award. Prefer to earn them personally

    18. But Lineker's magnum opus was when he trash-talked both Morgan and Arsenal legend Tony Adams in one tweet.

    @GaryLineker @piersmorgan Gary you fucking Legend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚