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    Jul 31, 2015

    Have You Been Paying Attention During The Summer Transfer Window?

    This week's Alternative Table is all about net spending in the transfer window.

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    The transfer window isn't over yet, but many clubs have already conducted the majority of their business... Like Newcastle, for example:

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    Each week, BuzzFeed will be producing an alternative Premier League table, but with a catch. We'll give you the stat the table is based on, and you have to put the teams in the right order.

    This week, the BuzzFeed Alternative Table is based on net spend in the transfer window. How quickly can you drag the teams in the right order? From the BIGGEST spenders at the top, to the teams who have profited at the bottom. Good luck...

    Get started with our Premier League game! Click the button below to get cracking

    Sort the teams by their close-season spending!

    Pos Team Net Spend

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