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Man United Fans Seem To Have Changed Their Minds A Lot In One Month

The Man United executive vice chairman is now not so popular with his club's fans.

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If you cast your mind (not very far) back to 14 July, when Manchester United signed Bastian Schweinsteiger, you may vaguely recall Ed Woodward being hailed as a legend.

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But a month is a long time in football, and the failure to buy Spanish forward, Pedro, has changed the fans' opinions just a little bit.

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In July, this Man United fan said that Ed Woodward gave him more pleasure than his ex partner.

Ed woodward pleased me in 3 days more than my ex did in 3 years #mufc

That's a little bit different to what Man United fans are tweeting today...

We are a laughing stock. This is humiliating #pedro #woodwardout #mufc

A month ago, Woodward was "The Wolf of Old Trafford"...

Ed Woodward "La Película". ¡Imperdible!

They even made a trailer for him.

Now he's a "useless twat".

@papezlenart @mladen040 #WoodwardOut he's still a useless twat on the negotiation with players. Just leave him with the commercial elements

What a difference a month makes.

A month ago he was a "hero"...

Ed Woodward becomes a hero to Manchester Uni…

Now he's "taking the piss".

#woodwardOut #woodwardOut #woodwardOut taking the piss now!! #MUFC #ManUtd

A month ago he was both the "king" and the future prime minister of Britain.

Now his career path has taken a downturn, and he has had to find work as a "clown".

@manutd WHY THE FUCK IS THIS CLOWN #EdWoodward anywhere near the club #WoodwardOut this is a joke! #GetDavidGillBack #DavidGill

A month ago, Man United fans wanted to go on nights out with him...

Ed Woodward would be the best wingman on a night out

Now? Not so much.

@ManUtd get the fuck out off our club you Fukin jokes #vangaalout #woodwardout

A month ago he was an actual deity...

Ed Woodward is actually a god you know

Now he is making Man United fans want to pass through to the afterlife.

I want to just die. This is humiliating man. I m so done. #mufc #WoodwardOut

A month ago he was on course for "the greatest transfer market ever" in Man United's history...

If we buy Lewandowski. It will be the greatest transfer Market ever in #MUFC history And if we win a trophy Ed woodward should lift it.

Now it's going to be the worst of all time.

De Gea to leave and Manchester United's transfer window to be the worst of all time

A month ago fans were applauding him...

Big applause and hats off to you Mr Ed Woodward #mufc #GantengMaksimal

Now they want to use their hands in an altogether different way.

I swear, I could pull Ed Woodward by the throat rn😡👊#mufc

Still, at least there's time to make a couple more signings. Oh, wait.

Manchester United's summer transfer business could be over - sources have told ESPN FC. #mufc

  1. How often do Manchester United fans change their minds?

    Twice daily.
    As often as they change their socks.
    As the seasons come and go.
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How often do Manchester United fans change their minds?
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    Twice daily.
    vote votes
    As often as they change their socks.
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    As the seasons come and go.
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