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How Has Your Ramadan Changed Since Trump's Election?

Tell us how you feel.

As you may know, since the election of now President Donald Trump, there have been multiple attempts at a Muslim ban in the United States.

Jason Redmond / Via AFP / Getty Images

As a result, protests have broken out across the country, and there has been a massive outcry from people of all different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Along with the Muslim ban, hate crimes have spiked since election night, leading to increased tension, and continued demonstrations within different communities. Including now, during the holy month of Ramadan.

@lp10011 / Via

On June 1st, there was a peaceful display outside of Trump Tower, where people gathered for Iftar to break their fast and pray.

In Los Angeles, Muslims gathered with Latino groups to break their fast with tacos at the Islamic Center of Santa Ana.

Rida Hamida / Via Facebook

According to the LA Times, the goal was to bring together two groups that are "facing increasing discrimination in the Trump era."

We want to know what Ramadan is like for you after the election. Tell us how you've been feeling this year, and what you're doing to celebrate. Are you speaking with people more about what Ramadan means? Has anything changed? Do you feel different?

@azymanzur / Via Twitter: @azymanzur

Share your thoughts in the comments below. Your response might be used in a future BuzzFeed Community post.