Recently, the world of mass media and social media in the Philippines was set abuzz when the news of the closure of the online news site, Rappler, broke out. Many supporters of the government found the ruling of the Philippine corporate regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a right decision, while those critical of the President perceived it as a curtailment of press freedom. For Rappler and its supporters, this ruling means a blow to press freedom. Some senators and celebrities even expressed their support for the media outlet, and described SEC’s decision as “pure harassment” and “Marcosian” as said by a Philippine Senator. While at first glance that may seem like the most appropriate way to describe it, but when we look at the facts, is that really the case?

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Of all the many firsts during a baby’s first year, walking is one of the biggest developmental milestones, as it is a huge step towards independence. Typically, babies start to walk on their own at the age of 12 months but others begin earlier than that. With that, there are factors that affect the age at which a baby starts to walk on his/her own, among which is the role of parents in helping their young children walk at an earlier age. Before they can learn to walk, infants naturally follow a progression that includes sitting, rolling over, crawling, pulling up, and standing. With parents’ guidance, babies can breeze through these stages through practice and physical development. Below are some tips to encourage your little one to walk.

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Within the last 5 years, EA (Electronic Arts) has not only had a bad reputation in the world of gaming but also in the corporate realm. It was not only named as the worst video game company but was also voted as the worst company in America in 2012 and 2013, beating out large companies like Bank of America. One consumer affairs blog, Consumerist, figured out the reasons why EA topped the polls. According to them, EA failed in delivering a consumer-friendly approach in running their business, especially in providing a product that consumers want and like, selling products at a reasonable price, and supporting the products that the company sells.

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