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    • reykfreyne228

      There is a fine, fine line between glorifying a sickness and providing support. As a previous (and, sadly, current) cutter, I can understand the desire to make and maintain a tumblr like this. Part of me loves my cutting… it helps me calm down, regain focus, cope with feelings I can’t control. It’s become a big part of my life as I have been doing it for about 14 years now. But another part of me knows that I am sick and I need to seek help, which I have done. I have been on medication and in therapy for many, many year and the results have been promising. Sometimes I go years without cutting. Sometimes I only make it a few days. I have a core group of friends that I am able to talk to about the issue and I have a great therapist (after several, several tries…).I am most definitely on the road to recovery. I may be on that road forever, but at least I’m going somewhere. Even with the in-person support I’ve received, I understand the desire for anonymous support from a stranger. I also understand the need to find people that are similar to you and people that are going through the same things. There’s a reason why addicts attend group meetings. You want to talk to someone that truly understands. With that said, this tumblr is incredibly hard for me to stomach. People posting to this site don’t need someone to give them cutting techniques and tips on hiding scars. They need someone to tell them to find someone to talk to. Not necessarily a friend or a parent (in fact, in my experience, going to your parents is the worst idea) but someone who can offer support and a shoulder to cry on. Depression is no laughing matter and self-harm only adds to the severity of the situation. What Benjamin wrote above (much more eloquently than I can on this Friday morning) is excellent advice for anyone struggling with depression and/or self-harm. Read it and follow it. Find healthy support as soon as possible. My initial reaction to this article and corresponding tumblr was incredibly negative because of my past experiences. However, I know how negativity can only make the situation worse. I implore those of you with similar feelings to take a moment to reflect on why this article was written and what these people are going through before making impulsive remarks.

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