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23 Things You'll Only Get If You're 50% Hella Organised, 50% Hot Mess

*Creates 12-day holiday itinerary* *Packs an hour before leaving*

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4. You're not exactly the tidiest person in the world.

7. Depending on who you're with, you can be the most organised person in the group.

Basically, if you find yourself with a bunch of people wearing their T-shirts on backwards, you suddenly develop the ability to be a leader.


10. And nothing can quite get your arse in gear like planning for a holiday.

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Flights? Check. Accommodation? Check. Travel vaccines? Check. Highly detailed travel itinerary including ferry times, food tours, and checkout times? CHECK.


16. So you get annoyed when people label you a hot mess or consider you someone who hasn't got their shit together.


Sometimes I do have my shit together! Remember when I organised your hen do, Brenda, you ungrateful little bitch!